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Day 2 - June 08

10:45 AM PDT
1:45 PM EDT

Data Driven AI for Threat Detection

Debabrata Dash

Distinguished Data Scientist

Network Security has been a complex area to apply traditional machine learning on. The number of possible threats is vast, but at the same time, the number of labeled attack samples is very small. Moreover, when enough sample data is collected for a particular type of threat, the threat-vector changes.

While collecting samples for the true positives is difficult, security analysts usually have good mental heuristics about how the threats behave. They manually “execute” the heuristics to identify the threat among the massive network data. Typically these heuristics are applied after the unsupervised techniques identify the anomalies and outliers in the data. While this works well in practice, the approach is computationally expensive - due to the very nature of the unsupervised algorithms and with unpredictable accuracy in the field.

Weak supervision provides an alternative approach to utilizing the heuristics to identify the threats. It allows us to push the heuristics to the raw data to help us build more efficient models with predictable accuracy. In this talk, I will discuss one prototype of using weak supervision in the cyber security domain with exciting results.


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