Speaker FAQ

Welcome to Snorkel’s The Future of Data-Centric AI, the world's largest free virtual conference on data-centric AI covering the latest AI trends, such as GenAI, foundation models, prompt engineering, programmatic labeling, and more.

We are delighted that you will be joining us as a speaker and have designed this page to guide you as you prepare for a flawless presentation and answer the most commonly asked questions and share about your talk with your network.   If you have additional questions don’t hesitate to reach out:  events@snorkel.ai

Event details at a glance

Dates: June 7-8
Time: 8am - 2pm PDT
Format: Virtual
Event Platform: Zoom Events platform

In-person Meetup

Date: June 8
Time: 4PM - 6PM
Location: Snorkel HQ - 55 Perry Street, Redwood City, California (Silicon Valley)
What: Come mingle and enjoy refreshments with the local data science community and meet your fellow speakers and Snorkel Co-founders.
RSVP: events@snorkel.ai


Speaker intake form: Due within one week of receiving
Make two social posts about your talk: ~ May 19 / ~ May 30

Register for the LinkedIn The Future of Data-Centric AI event and leave a speaker comment: ASAP
Submit your final presentation: Due June 1 email PDF to: events@snorkel.ai

Join the The Future of Data-Centric AI Slack Channel: Due June 5

Preparing your presentation

Timing: Each speaker is responsible for setting a timer to keep to time as there is no countdown time in the Zoom Events platform.  Talk time is 20 minutes and we recommend practicing your presentation to keep to time.

Speaker Prep Call: If you wish to discuss your topic with our team please reach out to events@snorkel.ai to set up a 15 minute appointment.  We are happy to help.

Speaker Tech Check: If you are new to Zoom or would like to practice going onstage and pushing your slides live, please email us at events@snorkel.ai to schedule a tech check.  Tech checks are available on May 16, 17 or 18 - or at special request. Highly recommended.

Join the The Future of Data-Centric AI Slack Channel: required!

All speakers are required to join the The Future of Data-Centric AI Slack Channel to connect with the audience after your talk. 
Slack Channel Link:  https://join.slack.com/t/fdcai/shared_invite/zt-1t85ryx5u-Rn20cch_LIZaliMmjg~kQw

  • Join 48 hours before your talk login to the The Future of Data-Centric AI Slack Channel
  • Go to the The Future of Data-Centric AI Slack Channel for 15 minutes of audience engagement after your talk ends.

Speaker Zoom link: Your unique Zoom link will be emailed to you soon. If you have any issues with your link please email us at events@snorkel.ai. It will also be included in your calendar invite.

Session calendar invitation:
A calendar invitation has been sent for your session. The calendar invite time includes your tech check, talk and post talk audience engagement in the Slack Channel.

Technical requirements

Install the latest version of Zoom: Download the Latest Zoom Client: 5.14.7 or higher.  For the best audience experience use the Zoom client (not the browser). Be sure to login from the Zoom account you registered with to avoid any issues.

Internet Connection: Please ensure that you have a strong internet connection. A hardwired connection to your modem is best, but WIFI can be boosted by sitting close to your modem. If our production team deems your internet too unstable for the live event, you may be asked to connect by phone and participate by audio-only.

VPN Connection: Please disable VPNs and connect directly to our production studio to avoid lag.

Presentation deck: Each speaker will be pushing their own presentation deck from their computer.  Please be sure you are prepared to do this in Zoom.  If you want to practice we are happy to add you to one of our pre-scheduled Tech Checks - email us at events@snorkel.ai.

Embedded media: If your presentation has embedded media (video or audio) please set up a Tech Check no later than June 1. Email us at events@snorkel.ai to set up a time.

Session duration and flow: Please meet us in the green room at the time specified on your calendar invite. We will complete your tech check to ensure you are ready to go on stage for a great talk.

  • 15-minute tech check
  • 30-minute live session: 20 minute talk + 5-6 minute live Q&A with moderator
  • 15-minute audience engagement in the The Future of Data-Centric AI Slack channel to answer questions

Q&A flow

  • During your talk your Host will monitor the Q&A and will curate the most popular questions from the audience.
  • At the conclusion of your presentation your Host will join you on screen and will work through as many questions as time allows.
  • Please be prepared to answer "How can the audience get in touch to learn more?"

Pro -tip: include a slide at the end of your presentation that answers this question as well.

Pre-recording deadlines and guidelines

If you will be recording your talk please follow these steps:
  • Recording due: June 1
  • Email final files to: jeanette.price@snorkel.ai
  • File format: MP4 or MOV
  • Time: 20-21 minutes of talk time
  • Recording guide: review this to set up Zoom to capture a high quality recording (see doc above)

For Panelists

    • Prior to your session you will receive details about your talk and meet with your moderator async or live to prepare for the session.
    • Please follow ALL of the steps to prepare your computere for a high quality experience.
    • Join the green room as indicated on your calendar invitation.
    • Be prepared to give a 30 second self introduction when the moderator gives you the virtual mic.

Panel flow

    • Host will introduce the topic and the moderator
    • Moderator will further introduce the topic and why it’s relevant today
    • Moderator will l ask each panelist to do a 30 second self introduction
    • Moderator will guide the conversation and engage with all the panelists
    • The moderator may leave time for Q&A from the audience
    • Host will come to stage at the end and thank all panelists
    • Panelists and moderator will go to the The Future of Data-Centric AI Slack Channel for 15 min after the session to engage with the audience.

Presentation Tips

Live Q&A Segments: This is an exciting portion of the program! During your talk your host will curate a set of questions from the audience Q&A and the questions you submitted.  At the conclusion of our talk or at the 20 minute mark your host will come to stage to moderate the live Q&A.  If you see your host on stage it is a sign to wrap your talk in the next 60 seconds. The host will work through as many audience questions as time allows– typically about three questions.   All unanswered questions will be shared in the The Future of Data-Centric AI Slack channel.  Please head to your designated Slack channel when you leave the stage.

Tone and Style: Our audience trusts Snorkel to only invite informed advisors and subject matter experts.  Refrain from using this forum to promote or advertise your services.

Dress Code: Business/business casual is recommended. The best clothing choices for the camera are solid colors, except white. Please avoid wearing solid white, prints, and patterns - they are less accessible and less optimal for video.

Flattering Camera Angles: Set your camera at eye-level and look directly into it when speaking. Light your face from the front to avoid shadows, and position yourself in the center of the video frame.

Spread the word about your talk and this event!

Invite colleagues to join: This is a community event and all are invited to join the conversation and shape the future of AI. Please consider sharing this link with 3 friends and colleagues who would benefit from attending:  https://future.snorkel.ai/

Share on social:  LinkedIn and Twitter - #datacentricai

Please reach out to events@snorkel.ai if you have any further questions!
Jeanette Price - event lead:  jeanette.price@snorkel.ai