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Day 1 - June 07

11:15 AM PDT
2:15 PM EDT

Fireside Chat: The Building Blocks of Modern Enterprise AI

Aparna Lakshmi Ratan

Aparna Lakshmi Ratan

VP Product
Snorkel AI

Marco Casalaina

Vice President of Products
Azure Cognitive Services

In this illuminating fireside chat, we dive into the heart of modern enterprise AI, exploring the dynamic intersection of data, models, and MLops platforms that define the new ML stack. We’ll investigate how factors such as model form factors, data types, use case variety, enterprise constraints, and the use of private data in AI applications shape this landscape, all while casting an anticipatory gaze towards the future of AI. As we decode the intricacies of today’s AI environment and predict tomorrow’s game-changers, this session offers a comprehensive insight into the building blocks of modern enterprise AI.


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