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Day 1 - June 07

10:15 AM PDT
1:15 PM EDT

Panel – The Linux Moment of AI: Open Sourced AI Stack

Demetrios Brinkmann

MLOps Community
Ed Shee

Ed Shee

Head of Developer Relations

Julien Simon

Chief Evangelist
Hugging Face
Travis Addair

Travis Addair

Chief Technology Officer

In this panel, seasoned experts Julien, Ed, and Travis will delve into how open-source models and tools can revolutionize AI. Julien will shed light on projects like Big Science and explore how open-source projects can lead to a more adaptable AI stack, empowering developers to create use-case-specific solutions. With his vast experience in deploying and monitoring AI systems, Ed will discuss how open-source aids these processes and the challenges and potential solutions when scaling these systems. Meanwhile, Travis will share insights from his work with Ludwig, demonstrating how open-source innovation fosters faster, easier, and more collaborative development. As we witness the evolution of applications like ChatGPT, our panelists will discuss the open-source community’s crucial role in steering future developments and ensuring the ethical and responsible use of such technologies


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